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Males have a flap of skin at the end of their abdomen and flutter their wings a lot. Each. There was a moth buzzing about my room. The only other possible source. Do moths urinate??? Strange question I know but it's either that or.

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By Kazishakar - 23:31
Can someone help me understand why this moth is urinating in my leg and drinking The pee on your arm will dissolve a bit of salt from your skin and then the.
By Katilar - 02:34 › faq › behavior.
By Yozshukree - 04:14
Adult butterflies do not urinate or defecate (or "go to the bathroom"). The larval life stage - the caterpillar - does all of the eating, and caterpillars almost.
By Zuzil - 17:55
Eduardo Fox: Some of them do. (A few of them do it quite a lot.) Most of them don'​t. This is assuming that the question defines peeing as.
By Kam - 17:10
I've never had a butterfly/moth pee on my hand. And now I Do not kill the moths and the butterflies to stick in cases please Tiggles!!! Maybe.

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